Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Time of the year.....

spot of blue
Something I love about Summer, as hot as it gets here, is the beautful crepe myrtles you see everywhere. These lovely pink ones bloom in nana's backyard every year. I've also seen orange ones about town. Aren't they lovely?

Here's a lovely close-up...
Lovely pink myrtles
And, one with the one of the many birdfeeders in her garden behind it....

Crepe Myrtles in Nana's garden

Also, Lester, one lucky dog who's found a home with them after having been rescued by my brother who kept him for about a year. They take such good care of him and he's been happy ever since.


And lastly, some of the vines that have clung to my mom's iron bench out back on her porch.

iron bench & vine

tangled love affair
I love the way they tangle and knot themselves up around the iron vine bench as if they were long lost lovers coming together in an embrace once again.