Saturday, February 17, 2007


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This was obviously not taken in the garden, but was taken while we visited yesterday. Violet is going to participate in an International day with her Brownies, and will be representing England, home to my mom, her mom and family, and birthplace of myself. So my mom went through her wooden chest, that my dad had made, and pulled out all kinds of interesting pieces of family history. My dad was stationed in England during Vietnam war, and met my mom there. He brought her home to America, leaving behind her 7 brothers and sisters as well as her mom. They kept in touch through letters. It was always exciting, and still is, to see a postmark from England and the By Air Mail stamp on letters. See more letter themes at MamaSaysOm.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Winter berries

Here are some bright red berries in Nana's garden. The garden is pretty devoid of color right now, with the exception of these berries, due to the cold weather that we've had. But, I'm sure mum will have it looking cheery and lovely again very soon. It was 86 out there Monday. In the meantime, we still get to enjoy all the little bird visitors that frequent her feeders. We saw a little morning dove with ruffled feathers on his neck. Not sure if he was pecked or had a growth. But he seemed quite happy, as well as the many finches and sparrows that were there, while we enjoyed a cuppa tea on the patio.
Here's a cute dragonfly that frequently visits as well(wink, wink)