Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The lonely garden-SOOC

the ring
This circle of friends sits on mum's patio table. It was a thrift find. Lucky mum!
Another "circle of friends". I'm checking on mum and dad's house while they're gone and our friends who live close to her came for a visit. They were having so much fun together we decided to have a sleepover. They were up until 1 am!!! They don't see each other often, so it was extra special to have them over.
hairy hen
I also love this beautiful green growth overgrowing in the shady spots and in this little hen. I believe it's called dicondra, but correct me if you know otherwise.
The bottlebrush tree is empty of those soft, spindy red brushes right now, but I still love how the empty pods look. You can see the morning glories in the background.
Nana, your garden misses you, but I gave them a drink and the lawn a cut and it's ready and waiting for you to come home. We miss you!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Time of the year.....

spot of blue
Something I love about Summer, as hot as it gets here, is the beautful crepe myrtles you see everywhere. These lovely pink ones bloom in nana's backyard every year. I've also seen orange ones about town. Aren't they lovely?

Here's a lovely close-up...
Lovely pink myrtles
And, one with the one of the many birdfeeders in her garden behind it....

Crepe Myrtles in Nana's garden

Also, Lester, one lucky dog who's found a home with them after having been rescued by my brother who kept him for about a year. They take such good care of him and he's been happy ever since.


And lastly, some of the vines that have clung to my mom's iron bench out back on her porch.

iron bench & vine

tangled love affair
I love the way they tangle and knot themselves up around the iron vine bench as if they were long lost lovers coming together in an embrace once again.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Springtime at Nana's

in the wild garden
Since we've been in the "fairy" mood over here, I thought I'd soften and make this one look like a dreamy, little fairy garden. Actually, it's nana's garden, which looks so lovely right now, with the flowers growing like crazy and the birds at the feeders chirping their little hearts away with happiness at being able to come to such a lovely little haven where they are fed everyday!
bird houses in springtime
Everywhere you turn, there are birdhouses, bird feeder, baths, and decorative ornaments, most having been purchased at local thrift stores or built by my dad.
Garden potting bench
This potting bench, having been built by my dad from an old dresser picked up either curbside or a yard sale, and embellished with lovely little trinkets and finds.
Garden bench goodies
some of the goodies on the bench
everything's in bloom

The flower bushes have overgrown everything and created nice little shady spots for our garden friends, the lizards, the finches and hummingbirds.
Bittersweet and sadly, the grass is growing in green and lush, as our poor Sophie, my mom and dad's dog of 13+ years has passed. She will be sorely missed but remembered everytime we visit nana's garden. Sophie, we love you and hope you live on in spirit in Nana's little corner of heaven.
I'm sharing this with Mother May I for Best shot Monday. Go check it out for some sunshiney love!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Finally, took some more photos in Nana's garden......
Winter berries
Winter berries
Yellow finches
Yellow finches
Winter berries
Winter berries and bird feeder (one of many!)
Reach for the sky!
Little white flowers, reaching for the sky!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Summer blooms

New photos from Nana's garden
Bloomin Buddies
Some crepes to savor
I'll be missing you
oh where, oh where has my little petal gone.....
Empty bottles
Empty bottles

and my favorite.........
Little Buddha......
Alien or little buddha?
Acutally, it's some sap on a tree in her front yard!
Ewwww, sticky!

Monday, May 14, 2007

May Days

curvy lines and wild gardens
grandpa's trellis
grandpa's twig trellis
herbs & grandpa's weather-worn bed post bench
sun hitting bottle-brush from the west
trellis growth

Le Fleur

Le Fleur
Originally uploaded by mandaroo63.
Pretty flower in Nana's garden this weekend. Doesn't it look like there's a little purple butterfly in the middle? Didn't notice it until I uploaded it. Nana got a new camera this weekend, so she will be creating her own blog, once I help her out with it. So, I'm excited to see what she'll come up with (she is so creative!!!) But, I'll probably still take pictures over there, although I don't get over there as often as I'd like. Will post link once it's up........ There's another pretty one on my Mailboxes blog.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Originally uploaded by mandaroo63.
This was obviously not taken in the garden, but was taken while we visited yesterday. Violet is going to participate in an International day with her Brownies, and will be representing England, home to my mom, her mom and family, and birthplace of myself. So my mom went through her wooden chest, that my dad had made, and pulled out all kinds of interesting pieces of family history. My dad was stationed in England during Vietnam war, and met my mom there. He brought her home to America, leaving behind her 7 brothers and sisters as well as her mom. They kept in touch through letters. It was always exciting, and still is, to see a postmark from England and the By Air Mail stamp on letters. See more letter themes at MamaSaysOm.